Par Avion

December 16 – 17, 2010

For Parlour’s inaugural European show, Par Avion, we invited our artist friends and friends of artist friends from around the world to send us an artwork in postcard form. The response was wonderful with over forty works coming from both US coasts, Europe and as far away as Taiwan. As a curated holiday gift exchange of international proportions, each participating artist will be sent the work of another artist after the exhibition–these matches being made evident in the installation of the show. Par Avion is hosted by Daisuke Endo in the historic center of Siena, Italy.

The featured artists are: Damalia Abrams, Samuel T. Adams, Alison Blickle, Martin Bothe, Tim Breukers, Gary Burnley, Corey D’Augustine, Laura Fayer, Ben Furgal, Micah Ganske, Daniel Gorostiaga, Matilda Huang, Elizabeth Hirsch, Faten Kanaan, Hein Koh, Emily Noelle Lambert, Elysa Lozano, Colette Murphy, Sandra Mack-Valencia, Rachel Meuler, Sophy Naess, Cadine Navarro, Jiyoung Park, Andy Parker, Colette Robbins, Danielle Rosa, Susan Ross, Zachary Royer Scholz, Emily Roz, Carmelle Safdie, Carolyn Salas, Gregory Siff, Emet Sosna, Trish Tillman, Adriël Van Drimmelen, Jeremy Wagner, Mary-Ruth Walsh, Rachel R. Weber, Paul Weston, Silke Wobst, Simon Woolham, Heeseop Yoon, Natalia Yovane, and Žaneta Zubkova.


Due to a faulty hard drive, most of the photos documenting Parlour No. 19 have been lost.  The few that follow were taken by a guest.