Art’s 1,000,047th Birthday

January 17, 2010

Art’s Birthday is an annual event first proposed by French Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. On January 17, 1963, Filliou celebrated the 1,000,000th Birthday of Art, which he determined was born when a sponge was dropped into a bucket of water. On January 17th, Parlour and Town Hall will be celebrating Art’s 1,000,047th Birthday, and we invite you to bring or send a gift for Art. Your gift can be anything and will be on display/ presented/ performed/ etc., documented and enjoyed by all. This event will also feature birthday cake, refreshments, games, and live feeds to other birthday parties for Art around the world. Please join our Facebook page for “Art’s Birthday” and feel free to post any thoughts, ideas, photos, etc.

Mailing address: Art’s Birthday, c/o Town Hall, PO Box 1220, New York, NY 10159



On January 17th, Parlour and Town Hall Meeting celebrated Art’s 1,000,047th Birthday. Hosted by Kitty Greenwald in her Brooklyn apartment.


Day of the opening birthday bash.


Co- organizers, Dina Shaulov and Christopher Stiegler from Town Hall Meeting.



Guests were invited to bring, create or leave a “gift” for art.


Art’s 1,000,047th Birthday cake.


 A gift for art made by Tim Soter.