When All Through The House

December 12 – 13, 2009

Parlour is pleased to present its eleventh exhibition, When All Through the House, which features short video works by eleven contemporary artists selected from the open call that Parlour hosted this autumn. The show’s title invokes the first couple of lines from Clement Clarke Moore’s The Night Before Christmas: “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house/ Not a Creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” In Parlour’s rendition, however, everything is stirring; The works will be installed throughout an old, ivy-covered mansion, pervading the space and creating a dynamic experience for the viewer. Featured artists include: Colleen Asper, Orit Ben-Shirit, Filipe Bessa, Amanda Friedman, Elizabeth Hirsch, Harold Moss, Matthew Newton, Lars Ramussen, Adam Shecter, Mary-Ruth Walsh and Simon Woolham. Parlour No. 11 is hosted in Bushwich by Cedar House, a group of nine renaissance men and women who work in various creative industries.

Press Release


Interior living room scene from Parlour No. 11, When All Through The House, hosted by Cedar House in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


Mary-Ruth Walsh,Nonument, DVD, 2 mins.


Lars Rasmussen, 1000 Drawings, DVD, approx 2 mins.


Installation view. Left Laptop, Simon Woolham, Scanners, 2009, digital animation, 1:36 mins. Right Laptop, Colleen Asper, C, 2009, DVD, 2:15 mins.


Amanda Friedman and Elizabeth Hirsch, Old Time Letter Rack, 2009, DVD, 1:32 mins.


Basement installation view. Orit Ben-Shitrit and Harold Moss, The Long From Inside, 2007, HD projection, 3:14 mins.


Adam Shecter, Ghosts, DVD, approx 2:30 mins.


Morgan Jones, Node Rotation, 2007, HD video loop, animation, indefinite.


Installation in golden frame. Matthew Newton, Heaven Fade To Black, DVD, 2:14 mins.


Filipe Bessa, Birds/Sea, 2009, DVD, approx 2 mins.


Installation view. TV in background, Adam Shecter, Hydra, DVD, approx 1:15 mins. Guests Jennifer Dudley and Ted Mineo in forefront.


Featured artist Matthew Newton opening night with his wife and daughter.


Colette Robbins, opening night, interacting with Colleen Asper’s piece, C, 2009, DVD, 2:15 mins.


Opening night.Left to right: Featured artist Amanda Friedman, one of the hosts, Danielle Rosa and featured artist, Elizabeth Hirsch.


Opening night.


Opening night in living room area.


Opening night.Left to right: Joshua Smith, Ciara Gilmartin and Leslie Rosa-Stumpf.