Through The Looking Glass

November 22 – 23, 2008

Parlour is pleased to present its second exhibition, Through the Looking Glass, featuring works by Yasmin Chatila and Collin LaFleche, hosted in the home of Alexander Baxter. Through the Looking Glass explores the intimacy of human experience and interaction, creating a tapestry of human existence from both insider and outsider perspectives. In the presented works, lives are shaped and personalities are formed, and through the camera’s lens, we see a reflection of ourselves played out in the lives of others.

Press Release

Parlour No. 2: Through the Looking Glass, hosted by Alex Baxter in Manhattan

Opening night

Collin LaFleche, At School, 2007, photograph

Collin LaFleche, Emily at the Pool Hall, 2007, photograph

Collin LaFleche, Will Smoking, 2007, photograph

Opening night

Yasmine Chatila, Love in the LES, Sunday 11:37 PM, 2007-2008, Fujicrystal archive B&W print, 43.75 x 53.75 inches, Edition of 5 with 2 AP

Opening night

Opening night (foreground: Collin La Fleche and his mom)