The Alchemists

September 13 – 14, 2013

The Alchemists, an exhibition featuring paintings atop 18th Century prints by Mia Von Schülern and mixed media dioramas by Sara Flores Vio, opens Friday, September 13, 2013 in the home of Gleb Amadeus Smirnoff in Venice, Italy. The artistic practices of these two artists transmute, contort, harmonize and combine various elements and imagery, resulting in worlds saturated with magic: clouds of eyes, a seashell of royal descent, a sinister moon, a horned dame, a miniature circus, a hoard of unworldly creatures, and the procession of wonders continues. The exhibition will also feature three collaborative works by the artists.

Installation view, Parlour No. 23, The Alchemists, hosted by Gleb Amadeus Smirnoff in Venice, Italy

Mia Von Schülern, Madame Rina Randan, 2013, mixed media on an antique etching, 31.8 x 23.5 cm

Sara Flores Vio, Circo Maison, 2013, Wooden box decorated by “la Zanze Venexiana”, striped fabric, Venus Verrucosa (shell), metal hoop, ink well, “Disney-Pixar” rubber ball, small brass box, postcard with moving image Muybridge by  “L.M.Kartenvertrieb”, rubber animal figurines, 7 x 17 x 13.5 cm (box closed).

Installation view. The Cottage’s Moon, 2012, Mixed media on an antique 18th Century etching, 22.8 x 31.2 cm.

Sara Flores Vio, 2001, 2013, Wooden frame, postcard of a mountain, Ostrea Edulis (small oysters), plastic monkey, mysterious piece of green glass, wood, brass hinges, the book “2001 – Space Odyssey” by Arthur Clarke (Longanesi&Co), 32 x 26 x 11 cm.

Installation view, Parlour No. 23, The Alchemists.

Installation view, Parlour No. 23, The Alchemists.

Sara Flores Vio and Mia Von Schülern, Ovunque, 2013, Mixed media on an etching by Sara Flores Vio, 34.7 cm x 25 cm.

Sara Flores Vio, Acrobata da Mensola, 2013, wooden shelf, lacquered iron candlesticks, small sack of saw dust, bark, pieces of wood, terra cotta tile, postcard, moka filter, turquoise jug and sugar bowl, matchbox, chain, 26 x 69 x 11 cm.

Opening night, host Gleb Amadeus Smirnoff on his terrace.

Opening night, Ruggero Romanelli (left) and friend.

Opening night, friends enjoying the September evening and views of San Marco.

Opening night, Sara Flores Vio (left), Roberto Mazetto (center), Leslie Rosa (right).