Archival Matters

May 26 – 27, 2012

The archivist produces more archive, and that is why the archive is never closed. It opens out of the future.

-Jacques Derrida

This quote from Derrida’s Archive Fever (1994) serves as the point of departure for Archival Matters, Parlour No. 22, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The participating artists, Kristina Bengtsson, Timothy Citizen, Kevin Malcolm, and Heeseop Yoon, have each contributed pieces that capture a moment, setting, feeling, and/ or event and furthermore explore the transformative nature of archival documentation. Archival Matters additionally becomes a physical collection of archives—a forum where conversations between them can exist, offering new interpretations and assuring their perpetual existence.

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Object Not Found

February 25 – 26, 2012

The artists featured in Parlour No. 21, Object Not Found, all have art practices in which what matters to them is a conceptually-driven process—not a final object. But, “Object Not Found” as a title is fitting for more than that reason alone. The phrase also happens to be an online error message, one that most people have come across when they have searched for a URL that no longer exists. To think about not ending up with an object as a glitch rings true when thinking about our consumerist society. However, these artists offer a variety of ways to find the validity in exactly that. They achieve this through the economy of exchange, a perpetual beginning, an exploration and celebration of the missing, and an ever-moving environment. All of this to say that often it is more interesting when we don’t find what we were looking for.

Object Not Found features works by Venice-based artists Nico Angiuli, Nina Fiocco & Nicola Turrini, Serena Vestrucci, Mexican artist Leo Marz and New York-based artist Miryana Todorova. The exhibition is co-organized by Serena Maccianti and hosted by artist Ruggero Romanelli in Cannaregio, Venice.

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